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About the Photographer:  Dick Perkins

Dick Perkins Self-portrait
Dick Perkins - Self-portrait

I've been a kind of photo nut all my life, though with a lot of time off for better behavior. As a youngster I got my first Kodak Pony 135 and took lots of black and white photos of adults, to whom I desperately tried to sell the lousy prints I made at home in my bathroom. It soon became clear that sympathy marketing was not a way to make a living.

Though rarely without a camera in my adult years, I was training for and then practicing as a physician, which can be a decidedly left-brained activity consuming most waking hours. The right side of my brain ultimately began demanding at least a gesture at equal time. The photography was revived as a cerebral survival technique, especially because of wanting to record experiences for later review when I had more time.

In 1979, while at a medical meeting in Tokyo, I bought my first real SLR, a Canon AE-1, with assorted accessories, and began serious photography. From then it was all down hill to more and more toys, gadgets, and accomplishments. I was getting better in spite of myself.

The next step was joining a vigorous and stimulating camera club in Las Vegas, where I was living. There, the collective vision of many talented people inspired me to reach beyond "postcard" imaging to more creative and accomplished achievements. In 1994 I responded to an invitation to join NANPA (North American Nature Photography Association), a group whose mission of natural images and environmental support appealed to my "outdoorsy" New England upbringing. I chaired two of their annual summits and served as a Board member for three years. It was a great way to meet the truly great nature photographers of our time and learn at their feet (or tripod legs).

I am now dedicated even more than ever before to making photography a second career. Enjoy my web site and my vision. Let me know if there is anything you would like hanging on your wall or that of your many friends. I'll see that you are inspired.

Richard Perkins, Photographer
1401 Beechwood Trail | Fort Myers, FL  33919