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The idea for this book came to me one Fall day as I, bent on photography, was driving from my home in western Pennsylvania back to my roots in New England. As I passed along the byways of northeastern New York State, splashes of color from the roadside caught my eye as they have since childhood. It was irresistible. Driving and schedules no longer mattered. I had to stop and steal some images.

Catching some impressions of rock walls and bright red Virginia creeper, I found myself drawn further and further from my car toward other interesting shapes, colors, and sweet scenes with natural displays of form, angle, and dimension. See, point, compose, focus, set exposure, visualize the end result, and fire when light is right. Thus continued the adventure that over two hours later ended with the sudden realization that I would eventually have to get on my way, once again just a tourist with a keener than average eye for things photographable. I began to see the rest of my week unfolding into what would become this collection of impressions to share in this and other volumes to follow from this and many other trips and experiences from over 20 years of photography. The plan ruled my waking hours for almost an entire week, and has preoccupied my spare time for the months that followed, adding images to this work from other times and places.

I hope you enjoy the effort and the results. It's so easy to make books affordably these days, it is almost impossible to resist the temptation. I didn't.

This book is dedicated to all those who were kind enough to share vision with me, to open up my dormant right brain, and inspire me to fill it with beauty from the world around me. Their generosity of heart and spirit tempted me to become whole. Special love and admiration go to the fine photographers at the Nevada Camera Club, who hatched me; to the San Fernando Valley and West Valley Camera Clubs in Los Angeles as well as the elite at the Southern California Council of Camera Clubs; to the Memphis Camera Club, Contra Costa Camera Club (CA), and the Coral Springs Camera Club in Florida along with the Everglades Chapter of PSA. But, the most pervasive influences came from NANPA and Art Wolfe, Frans Lanting, DeWitt Jones. George Lepp, Jim Clark, Michael Francis, and all the rest of those geniuses. And from Brenda Tharp, who can find beauty everywhere, and who also has so much to share. Finally, special love goes to Nancy Rotenberg, who sees with her heart and feels with her soul. Nancy, you are the best muse a person could ask for.

Richard Perkins, Photographer
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